About us

eDabbewala was created as a vision.

Each year thousands of hardworking professionals move to cities in search for work and a better life. Despite their varied backgrounds they all have one similarity: they have left the comfort of their homes in order to create opportunities for themselves and for the people they love.

In spite of all the great things that our cities offer, there is one definite shortcoming: a quality meal service. Most of the available meal services are either bad-tasting, unhealthy and unhygienic or ridiculously expensive.

The need for a quality and convenient food service was the vision behind eDabbewala. The team of eDabbewala understands the magical powers of a good meal and strives to provide our customers the same. Our vision is to become the leader in the food services industry in delivering great tasting, high-quality and hygienic meals in order to have a positive impact in our customers’ everyday lives.

Our Mission

To become the leader in the food services industry in delivering great tasting, high-quality and hygienic meals.

To have a positive impact in our customer’s everyday lives with our meals.

To create a fair, diverse, respectful and creative working atmosphere where our team members feel inspired and empowered.

To generate value and return on investment for our owners and stockholders.

Our Values

Customer First

Learn and Improve

Win Through Results

Constructive Culture

Our Purpose

As a food-tech StartUp, we are committed to provide delicious, high quality and hygienic food to working professionals at an affordable price.

At the same time, we understand our environmental responsibility and thus encourage our customers to avoid the use of disposable plastics and help us keep the environment clean and green.

The Team Behind eDabbewala


The Spiritualist

Operations & Quality

Abhimanyu goes by the quote “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Loves solo travelling, clicking random pictures and believes in diversity. Resourceful and a strategic thinker, keen to quality assurance, he is the ‘go to man’ if the team needs to get any tricky job done.


The Philosopher

Design & Growth

A graduate from Purdue University (now at Stanford University, CA) with degrees in mechanical engineering, mathematics and economics, Chinmay is actively involved with Design and Planning at eDabbewala. He is diligent, methodical and believes in keeping things simple.


The Seeker

 Tech & Marketing

Engineering graduate, Abhinav is passionate about Artificial Intelligence/ML, autonomous vehicles and eco cars, a huge fan of TESLA & Elon Musk, likes to keep himself updated with upcoming technologies. Are you a ‘Ratlami Sev’ fan? Join his league right away.


The Powerhouse

HR & Supervision

An engineering graduate, Kripanshi comes from the beautiful city of Agra. A huge fan of Big B. She is fun-loving and full of energy and always keeps the team on their toes. She has a keen interest in exploring regional food and loves art.


The Gamer

Tech & Operation

Engineering graduate, Fun loving easy going person. Passionate about tech, sports, gaming & music. Mahesh is always up for new challenges and believes in handling any tough situation by keeping cool. A football freak and diehard Manchester United fan.


The Traveller

Finance & Ideapad

Vikramaditya graduated from Purdue University with degrees in mechanical engineering and entrepreneurship and is currently involved with managing the finances for eDabbewala. An avid traveller and a foodie, he loves his outdoor excursions.

The Chefs

Chef Icon - eDabbewala
eDabbewala Team - Magan

Magan Rawat

Mr. Rawat has been in the food services industry for 15 years. He has worked for reputed restaurants & hospitality chains such as Pind Baluchi, Silver Oak and Ray’s Café & Pizzeria and is gifted when it comes to enticing people’s taste bud with his delicious dishes.

eDabbewala Team - Surender

Surender Singh

Mr. Singh comes from a small village in Uttarakhand nested in the foothills of the Himalayas. He has over 7 years of experience in the food services industry and has worked for Sagar Ratna, a pan Indian restaurant. His cheerful personality always keeps the team upbeat.