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What is eDabbewala?

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In this fast paced corporate world with your hard work and determination you have created immense possibilities not only for yourself but for everyone around you. But your success has come with its sacrifices. In creating happiness, you have sacrificed your quality time with family and friends, you have sacrificed your health by eating the junk you are served each day, you have sacrificed that dream you had as a kid to learn that guitar or do street photography. We, the team at eDabbewala believe that workaholics like you deserve more reward from life. Now, we can not give you your time back or that six pack you have been craving for but we can definitely bring to you that healthy and tasty “Ghar jaisa khana” that you have missed all along and simultaneously save the time that you invest in the kitchen each day. Our aim is to provide you with a healthy, delicious and fresh meal each time so that you live and enjoy your life with a smile.

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